Thank you for considering contributing to simbox.  


Individuals participating in content development will be recognized on the simbox site and can work with the team to explore additional opportunities for scholarship/peer review.


How can I contribute content/cases to telesimbox/simbox?  

IDOTO- it depends on the objectives.  

Start with the objectives instead of starting with the clinical case/topic.  


1.  Familiarize yourself with the telesimbox concept by running an existing session.


2.  Identify your targeted learner(s):  practice setting (EMS, ED, inpatient) and level of experience (students, residents, faculty). Contact to inform him of your interest/intent.


3. Create a list potential: goals (2-3) and measurable learning objectives (6-9) through process (kern) of problem identification/general needs assessment (literature review, gaps in care, potential impact on patient, current approaches to training) and targeted needs assessment (discussion with learners and review existing educational materials).  Work to create objectives for learner groups that facilitate curricular integration (curriculum is a planned educational experience from latin for race course).


4. Match 4-6 measurable goals and objectives to match the telesimbox educational strategies (opportunity for experiential learning with team and reflective debriefing without hands on experiences nor adaptable changes in vital signs based on interventions).  To date objectives related to skills (teamwork/communication, family/patient communication), knowledge (medical management, physiology, equipment) and attitudes (confidence in pediatrics)


5.  Create simulation case (using simbox template) to meet learning objectives using simbox format of initial hand off communication, descriptions of visual/video of patient, vital signs with trends over time, images/videos of patient over time, parent script, nurse/embedded participant script, prompt to hand off at end of case


6.  Create debrief script  (using simbox template- coming soon) with content related to each learning objective to facilitate discussion.  


7.  Work with simbox team to create/curate a “package” of materials to populate peripheral brain cards (for use during debriefing) and post simulation resoruces to send to learners after simulation for additional reading, listenting, learning (podcasts, websites, articles, videos,e etc..)


7.  Work with simox team to create/ the video/vitals/app etc…  to match the script described above


8.  Implement the case with a selected group of learners and collect feedback from facilitator and debriefers 


9.  Iteratively improve and adapt steps 4-6 until ready for dissemination through simbox website